My absolute favourite viral of all time

Parents, please – watch this.

It’s Krow‘s Fiat viral, which I saw for the first time today. I instantly came down with a severe case of wishI’dthoughtofthat syndrome.

And quite honestly, I could have thought of it – I AM the woman in the video. Clearly several million other women identify with it in the same way, because it’s becoming a hit faster than you can say “audience profiling”. This great piece of viral marketing captures quite perfectly the shared experience of today’s 30-something parents. The strapline on the website, ‘Growing up, but staying young’, fits perfectly with the rest of the campaign, too.

It takes more than a focus group to produce something this well-observed. It takes personal insight on the part of the creative team, and a really forward-thinking client. The bravery to build brand-love over and above new-product awareness.

And that’s just as well, because the Fiat 500L won’t appeal to everyone. When I shared the video, a like-minded Marketing Manager friend of mine commented, “I absolutely love this. Still not buying a Fiat though!” To be honest, I won’t be rushing to my local dealer any time soon either.

But that’s not the point. What Fiat have done, cleverly, is to reposition their brand for a very specific but burgeoning market of modern career-driven parents who don’t want to compromise on coolness for the sake of practicality. I identified with everything about that video – the gangster rap stuff, the slightly awkwardly-cast white middle-class woman, the line “at least now I know the difference between a tractor and a digger”. It’d all be lost on a non-parent – and it’s those subtleties and in-jokes that have transformed the brand in the minds of a ‘club’ of millions.

Virals aren’t meant to sell products. They’re alignment tools. They give brands an opportunity to get onto the wavelength of a specific segment and in the sake of Fiat and The Motherhood, make them feel good about themselves – and by that token, the brand itself. Well done Krow: I really do think of Fiat differently now, when before they weren’t even on my radar. That’s a hell of a leap.


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