Communication, communication, communication

I’m currently covering a maternity leave in-house at Slimming World’s head office. I was their Internal Comms writer back in 2007, but I left to return to agency side – and it’s really interesting looking at the organisation through my now-older, more experienced eyes. Having not only survived, but grown through the recession, Slimming World is now the UK’s largest slimming organisation – and it’s set to get even bigger. So how is it doing it? I always thought it was simply down to the people: from top to tail,... Read The Rest →

Anyone seen the Virgin Holidays outdoor ad?

I was on my way back from the brilliant showcase ‘Say Hello to Studio Output‘ at Nottingham’s Antenna when I noticed a brilliant piece of outdoor advertising, on an exterior wall of House of Fraser in Nottingham. Alas I didn’t have a device on me to capture this head-turning piece, but it’s easy to visualise: The image: a 1950s-esque sun-basking beauty peeking over her shades The line: “On a Virgin holiday, the sun needs protection from your rays” The smile that lit up my face on a dark, drizzly night... Read The Rest →

My absolute favourite viral of all time

Parents, please – watch this. It’s Krow‘s Fiat viral, which I saw for the first time today. I instantly came down with a severe case of wishI’dthoughtofthat syndrome. And quite honestly, I could have thought of it – I AM the woman in the video. Clearly several million other women identify with it in the same way, because it’s becoming a hit faster than you can say “audience profiling”. This great piece of viral marketing captures quite perfectly the shared experience of today’s 30-something parents. The strapline on the website,... Read The Rest →

Ikea strike viral gold I think we can assume that Britain is split 50/50 when it comes to the dog-cat debate. Personally, I’m a cat person. Not to say I dislike dogs – they just scare me a bit with their jumpy-uppiness and barking. So maybe I’m biased, but I really, really love the new Ikea ad – Happy Inside. (And there’s an interesting ‘making of’ video too – check it out here) It makes me feel…well, happy inside! Just like I feel when I wake up on a dreary Monday to find... Read The Rest →

Supersize copywriting by McDonalds

Back at the tender age of 18, if you’d have told me that one day I’d be writing a blog praising McDonalds, I’d have laughed. Actually, I’d probably have cried, assuming that if this were the case, I must be destined to fail my degree and remain trapped forever in my student job on the drive-thru. Having said that, this was by far the best part-time job I’d had. McDonalds was a breath of fresh air compared to my previous part-time jobs (ironic, considering that I never could wash out... Read The Rest →

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